Boiled Eggs

The newest addition to my “how to” series are these boiled eggs. You can drastically change the consistency of the boiled egg based on how long you boil it. Most people go for the hard boiled egg, but my personal favorites are the boiled eggs with the runny yolks. The soft boiled eggs, if you will. Please enjoy this how to guide to boiled eggs.

The first step to a boiled egg is picking the proper eggs. It’s important to use eggs that aren’t too fresh. Fresh eggs, when boiled, are very hard to peel. If you use older eggs, the peel comes off much more easily. To do this, I usually buy 2 dozen eggs… one that we eat, and the other that I let sit in my refrigerator until just before the sell by date. That’s when I decide to boil them, and they peel pretty darn easy every time.

Now it’s time to boil the eggs. Fill a sauce pan with just enough water to cover the eggs. Place eggs in the water, and bring to a boil. Depending on how solid you want your yolk to be, will determine the mount of time you leave them in the water. See below for what the yolks look like at the different times.

I personally prefer a soft boiled egg when eating plain, or with a little salt. I like about a 7 minute egg. But for egg salad, you want your yolk to be more firm. For egg salad, you want to boil your eggs for 10-12 minutes. The softer yolks are much more flavorful when you are just enjoying an egg.

Lastly, when you remove your eggs from the boiling water, place them immediately into an ice bath to stop the cooking. This also helps with creating an air barrier between the egg and the shell for easier peeling.

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