Perfectly Poached Egg

If you look at my instagram, it’s no secret that I love eggs in any form. But my favorite, by far, is a perfectly poached egg. Poaching the perfect egg takes a little practice, and a lot of finesse. The perfectly poached egg should have cooked white and a runny yolk. Here is my method as to how to make the perfect poached egg.

Let’s first talk about the eggs themselves. I have a friend who has chickens, so I get all of my eggs from her. I feel like free range chickens who are fed quality food make the most delicious eggs. If you do not have access to fresh eggs locally, make sure you are buying quality eggs at the grocery store. The yolks will be much more orange than the cheap eggs. You won’t be sorry.

First, boil your water with a splash of white vinegar in it. I use a flat pan that is still deep enough to completely cover the egg when it’s cracked into the water. The white vinegar keeps the egg together in the water, and helps avoid having a lot of that wispy white floating around all over the pan.

To make it easier to drop the egg in, you can first crack it into a small dish. This keeps the yolk from breaking and allows the egg to drop in without a splash. Once you drop your egg in, set a timer for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Let it boil. Once it is done, remove it with a slotted spoon and drop it gently onto a towel to soak up excess water.

There you have it! The perfectly poached egg. Serve with your favorite breakfast sides, or a bowl full of veggies! That’s my favorite way to enjoy poached eggs.


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